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As the warm colors of autumn unfold, the VIP Paris Yacht Hôtel & Spa is pleased to unveil a new entry to its menu, Potimarron Velouté. Designed with passion by our chef, this velvety embodies the quintessence of the season. We say goodbye to our trilogy of tomatoes and burrata to welcome this delicious creation.

New on the menu: Potimarron Velouté

Pumpkin is in the spotlight, its subtly sweet taste and velvety texture blend harmoniously with a selection of spices and fresh herbs, creating a balance of unique flavors. To complete this taste experience, our velouté is enhanced with a touch of crème fraîche and chestnut chips, adding a note of refinement to this delicious autumnal break.

Join us aboard the VIP Paris Yacht Hotel & Spa to discover this exceptional culinary creation. Our Velouté is now available à la carte, an invitation to savor autumn in all its splendor. Come taste this unique dish and let yourself be carried away by the flavors of the season.

Join us for a memorable dinner cruise in the colors of the autumn during which you can discover this new feature.